Are you looking to switch to DIRECTV service?

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DIRECTV phone number for customer care service

The number is viable for:
  • Adding the extra services
  • Obtaining customer services
  • Submitting queries and complaints

If you are looking forward to the couple, all two functions of the DIRECTV in a low budget give DIRECTV a call today! Through DIRECTV you can get your hands on the best HD TV service and internet connection in budget-friendly plans. If you need to learn more about our services, then give us a call, and our representatives are more than willing to hear your concerns and queries.

Call AT&T DIRECTV number for the business plans

The name is liable for:
  • Technical support
  • Information for the existing business account
  • Business packages information

The number to DIRECTV for bill payment and technical problems

If you are going through any technical problem regarding the services and you have no idea how to resolve them, then it is highly advised to dial our technical support number and address your issues as soon as possible. The number is also effective for all the billing related information. You are however required to provide your account number for further instructions.

The DIRECTV Number for relocating or residence shift up

Are you shifting in a new house and wants to bring your services along, then give us a call and our highly devoted customer representatives will help in relocating your pre-subscribed services to your new house as much as possible

Before you place the call:

There are certain things you need to make sure before giving us a call, the following are the details:
  • Sign in to your DIRECTV account where you can find all your account information. If you are subscribed to a business package, then login to your DIRECTV business account.
  • Look for your current bill and look for your account number on the bill copy
  • Always remember the last four digits of your SSN which is very crucial for your identity confirmation.
  • If you are shifting to your new house, make sure that you are well aware of your new address and location for better customer care.

Are you ready to book your order?

Call DIRECTV: 1-888-988-8060
to book new order and for the information on your pre-booked orders.
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